Welcome to Don Bosco Ramkanali

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The aim of the School, for the Talented and Gifted is to provide an environment in which the uniqueness, dignity, and abilities of each individual are not only recognized but cultivated and celebrated as well. We wish to provide an educational experience that empowers highly capable students to interact with their intellectual peers in academic, creative, aesthetic, and social endeavors in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow and to become life-long learners, responsible citizens, and contributors to the betterment of society as a whole in an ever-changing world. We wish to provide them every success in their lives. The administration, faculty, staff and parents aided by leaders from local business, industries and colleges form an integrated community with the intent of developing future leaders who have the desire, skills and preparation necessary to be life-long learners. Faculty members act as facilitators,  assist students in acquiring the communication and information access skills they will need to function as productive citizens in an increasingly technological world. Students are taught to be prudent risk-takers and creative problem solvers in a global society. They should acquire all sorts of talents to cope in this world. Achievement of these goals will result in their becoming socially and ethically responsible adults.

Our purpose is also to take our students and provide them with the skills and cultivate their talents so that they can be accepted to the colleges/universities of their choice with and be successful in those institutions of higher learning. Don Bosco Ramkanali, Nirsha boasts of an outstanding record of student accomplishments, remarkable for their depth and scope.

A broader knowledge base and appreciation, developed through exploring the interconnections among science, mathematics and the humanities elicit higher level thinking skills. To foster this development, Don bosco Ramkanali, Nirsha  offers opportunities to the students to explore not only these connections, but also access a wide range of subjects and interests to fulfill their needs in their lives.